Mango Mono Meal

Everybody was Atoulfo eating….this line and the music/song kung foo fighting popped into my head all at once I kid you not. The Universe sometimes has a corny sense of humour with me. Blame it on them not me…ha ha… P L E A S E!
Have you ever had a mono meal of fruit before. I personally never considered or heard of it until my sister Diane started experimenting with raw veganism. Of course I thought she had gone mad and was being extreme? An entire bag of oranges for lunch? She must be crazy. Ha ha, fast forward a few years and guess who’s the raw vegan….omg it’s me‚ú®this afternoon we’re feasting on ripe, delicious Atoulfo Mangoes. I’ve been waiting weeks for them to ripen & sweeten up. The secret is to wait until they’re soft & wrinkly….shhhhh don’t tell anyone, they’ll think you’re a weirdo

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