Raw Chocolate Oatmeal

Raw Chocolate Oatmeal
Did I just invent this or has it been around and I just didn’t hear about it? Anyways, secret’s out, you can have raw oatmeal and yes, it can be Chocolate!
3/4 cup raw oat groats whole or steel cut

5-6 Medjool dates

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

1-2 TBSP prAna raw cacao powder (to taste)

1″ piece of Level Ground Trading vanilla bean

1 3/4 – 2 cups warm water
Soak raw oat groats or steel cut oat groats overnight.
Rinse groats and combine with other ingredients in a high speed blender. Blend for min 3-4 minutes until the grains are completely pulverized. I like my oatmeal a thinner consistency. Add more or less water according to your preference.
Tip: Don’t under blend. Something happens to the groat after lengthy blending that results in a creamy flavour & consistency that is similar (if not superior) to cooked.

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