Going Vegan

Going vegan/plant based is probably one of the most important, beautiful & beneficial decisions you will ever make. For your own physical/emotional health and spiritual well being as well as that of the planet. We as a society are awakening to the truth that what is good for ourselves is also what is good for others. We are awakening to the fact that by consuming animal based foods we are endorsing the torture and suffering of other sentient beings (by supporting those who do so with our dollar/money in order to create meat and dairy products). This is no longer necessary nor is it ideal for our health. New information is being published  documenting the horrific effects of animal agriculture to the environment and to our health by consuming its product (other sentient beings dead bodies and their physical bodily secretions/excretions). These are my favourite informational resources to inspire and help with adopting a plant based lifestyle.

Not only will you prevent, reverse & heal many common chronic diseases you will notice easy & natural weight loss. Fall in love with food again and stop the calorie counting and food deprivation. Once you start making nutrient dense plant foods your top priority you will notice your old emotional food triggers and addictions naturally fall aside. Knowledge is power. It’s is important to educate yourself on the healing power and benefit of foods and a plant based diet as well as the dangers and pitfalls of consuming animal based foods. If I knew that everytime I reached for a chocolate bar that I was potentially supporting child slavery and human trafficking (by not checking where the cocoa was sourced) as well as contributing the torture and enslavement of a sentient species & environmental pollution etc I would have learned ethical and cruelty free options a lot earlier in my life saving myself a lot of heartache….literally.

Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating GBOMBS daily. GBOMBS are an acronym for Greens, Berries, Onions, Mushrooms, Beans and Seeds.

Read: How Not To Die, Eat To Live, The Starch Solution, The China Study, Whole,  Mad Cowboy, Proteinaholic, The Kind Diet, The End of Heart Disease, Spectrum Diet

Watch: (these are available on Netflix & YouTube) What The Health, Eating You Alive, Forks Over Knives, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Plant Pure Nation, Farm to Fridge, Earthlings, Dr. Melanie Joy -The Psychology of Carnism

Online Resources: www.nutritionfacts.org, www.nutritionstudies.org, www.drfuhrman.com, www.drmcdougall.com, www.peta.org, www.adaptt.org, www.carnism.org, www.foodandsport.com

Online Starter Vegan Recipes Sure to please EVERYONE!

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