My Story

I first went plant based in 2008 six months after the birth of my daughter Pallas. She was a solely breast fed baby and I was researching diet and health.  I read  ‘The China Study’ and from then on my life was radically altered, for the better.  I found it was incredibly easy to make tasty meals without the use of any animal products.

After making a major move and opening our own business in our home town, life became more difficult. No one around us was vegan and we were questioned constantly if a plant based lifestyle was the right choice for our daughter. After not having time to arm myself with the appropriate knowledge & research I relented to societal/peer pressure & we began to eat foods that were offered to us on occasion (SAD Diet) and slowly we let our plant strong lifestyle fade away.

As a result our health and well being as a vegan family began to suffer. I then began to focus on my own journey into self healing as well as living a life of inspiration and surrender to the Universe.

I began waking up earlier every morning to take our two dogs for hour long walks, rain or shine. I then felt strongly compelled to stop consuming junk food,  especially high fat & processed foods. One small step led to another and before you know it I discovered Dr. John Mcdougall.

I had always had weight issues (my entire life) always in the heavier side of the spectrum.  Finally in my late teens and early 20’s fed up with not being my desired weight I began to calorie restrict. I began losing the weight but I was constantly hungry and felt deprived. It seemed that I was either doomed to be hungry and slim or not at my ideal weight and satisfied. I had no idea what healthy food was. Is fat free healthy? What about carbs? Is sugar bad? There is so much contradictory information out there. I love food and I love to eat it. Whenever in the past I tried eating healthy (salads) or calorie restrict I would be always hungry and unsatisfied.

I decided to experiment on myself. If it would work on someone like me then it could work for anyone!

I read all the information on his website, watched every lecture on YouTube. Read The Starch Solution. I went 100% in. Over the course of a year and a half. I went from a size 10-12 to a 4. Eating TONS OF FOOD! The secret was high carb, low fat!

Starch Solution Recipe Websites:,,,,

Some recipes here but WATCH your fat intake. I keep mine to about 2 TBSP of nuts or seeds or 1/2 avocado a day.


My daughter loves her ‘healthy popcorn’ which is air popped corn topped with nutritional yeast and a sprinkle of salt. The trick is to not stir the toppings. They will settle and coat each layer as you go FYI.

Nacho Cheese Sauce: (dairy and fat free) Boil 2 potatoes with one peeled carrot until soft. Blend with the juice of half a lemon, water to thin. Add salt and garlic powder to taste. Mix with store bought salsa for a compliant alternative to convenience store nacho cheese sauce.

Watch: High Carb Hannah

* * *

Thinking I had achieved all my health goals I was challenged in April of 2016 to go 30 days fully raw. After a year and a half successfully high carb low fat cooked making the transition was EASY! I breezed through the 30 days and decided that this was the dietary end goal. I remained fully raw until August of 2017 when I decided to incorporate a few cooked foods back into my diet again (legumes, oats, non dairy milk).
I have never owned a personal scale or weighed myself so I have no idea how much weight has been lost. I always had strong self love and acceptance for myself regardless of my size. I don’t know what changed internally but I just dreamt that I would see my full health potential in this life.

My energy sky rocketed. I would like to say that at the time there were also coincidental signs that this was my next step. Maybe that’s why I stuck to it. I intuitively knew this is what was best for me & I believe that I was empowered to maintain a strict raw diet. I believe that our health is a sacred gift from the Universe and it is our duty to cherish it. To nourish ourselves properly with natural raw food that still contained life in them. At first there were enormous digestion issues. I learned that for my body, hemp seeds and garlic from China were huge no no’s. I also learned through experience not to indulge in anything too fatty as you will suffer the consequences of poor elimination/digestion.

I ate fruit and greens most of the day with a large salad or raw soup for dinner. I did experiment with some fermentation, I was most successful with pickled peppers and kimchi.

* * *

Now I’m doing a blend of the two ways of eating which I’m calling “Raw Fusion” or a Nutritarian approach as Dr. Fuhrman would say. I learned that raw food is very important in order for the body to receive the proper variety of nutrients and minerals it needs in order to thrive. I was becoming unbalanced on cooked foods only (Starch Solution)  and resorted to eating potatoes and rice more often than not with rarely a fresh fruit or salad. I believe having a cooked plant foods is certainly not going to destroy my health. In fact, the nutrient density of some foods are enhanced with the process of cooking. However, I now know how important it is for your body to be properly nourished with high nutrient raw foods as well.

Along my journey I have NEVER calorie restricted and still do not ever restrict. I eat and enjoy lots of food that is whole food, plant based.  I want the best for my body and my health and I want that for everyone else around me as well.


Thank you for reading my story!