Raw Vegan

In April of 2016 I was challenged by my sister Diane to go 30 days raw vegan (high carb, low fat). 

After successfully completing over 1.5 years cooked Starch Solution, I thought why not? 

My energy sky rocketed. I would like to say that at the time there were also coincidental signs that this was my path/destiny. Maybe that’s why I stuck to it. I intuitively knew this is what was best for me. That our health is a sacred gift from the Universe and it is my duty to cherish it. To nourish myself with natural raw foods that still contained life in them. 

At first there were enormous digestion issues. I learned that for my body, hemp seeds and garlic from China were huge no no’s.   

I learned through experience not to indulge in anything too fatty as you will suffer the consequences of poor elimination. 

I eat fruit and greens most of the day with a large salad or raw soup for dinner. I am now learning to experiment with fermentation and will be sharing the results as I go. 

Tannyraw is a huge inspiration for me. She is a woman who has healed herself of countless diseases as well as weight issues. 

Thank you for being a part of my raw journey!